Dwarf Gods

The gods of the dwarfs are not otherworldly beings. They are the dwarfs’ ancient ancestors, who founded the great dwarf empire and established the great clans. Today they look down on their descendants, charging them to prove themselves worthy of their ancestors’ legacy. The most revered ancestors are known as the Ancestor Gods, but the word does not mean the same thing to dwarfs as it does to humans.

Dwarfs do not celebrate their faith publicly, but every clanhold and dwarf house has a space set aside to honour their particular ancestors, as well as the great Ancestor Gods. In the cities of the Empire, expatriate dwarfs have built temples to their ancestor gods to allow them to worship as they would back home. These temples are often filled with solemn Dwarfs and many kegs of beer.

Dwarf Lorekeepers fulfil a role somewhat akin to priests, maintaining the shrines and records of the Ancestor Gods. However, since all dwarfs study and revere their ancestors, dwarf priests do not share the same sort of social role as their human counterparts. Dwarfs value deeds above words, and those whose deeds bring the most honour their ancestors are those most favoured. Dwarf priests are mediators and law keepers, however, for it is they who preside over judgements of clan traditions and rites.

Of all the Ancestor Gods, there are three that are of supreme importance. Grungni is the god of mining, stoneworking, and craftsmanship. He first taught the dwarfs to hew stone, mine ore, and smith metal, and his example is what drives dwarfs to take pride in their work. His symbol is the pick.

His brother, Grimnir the Fearless, is the god of warriors and battle. He taught the first dwarfs the art of war, and he is remembered for his deadly axe. When Chaos fell upon the world, he shaved off most of his hair and departed to slay the daemons single-handedly. Today, Troll Slayers follow his example.

Valaya is goddess of home and healing. Valaya invented dwarf script, and brewed the first dwarf beer. Valaya was also the defender of her stronghold while Grimnir fought and Grungni dug, so her symbol is the shield. Dwarf women typically follow her example in their own holds or houses.

The Dwarf Ancestor Gods

Gazul Death and the Underearth*
Grimnir Battle and Warriors
Grungni Mining and Stonework
Morgrim Engineering*
Smednir Smithing*
Thungni Runes and Runemagic*
Valaya Home and Healing

*lesser Dwarf God

Dwarf Gods

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