Tarth Steelheart

Dwarf Ironbreaker


From the mountain stronghold of Karak Azgaraz, I, Tarth Steelheart, am a walking anvil. I have been sent from my home to prove myself worthy of the high honor I hold: the rank of Ironbreaker. There’s nothing else you need to know about that, except that I am the fiercest fighter you will ever lay eyes on!

Completely covered in my prized Gromril armor — which I keep polished to a high sheen at all times — all that is visible of me is a flinty pair of gray eyes. I will be your best friend in battle, as any blow struck against you is a grudge I shall repay in kind. However, off the field of battle, you will maintain a distance appropriate to the respect due to an Ironbreaker. I have no desire to make friends on my journey. My disposition is not of the soft sort; I will challenge anyone who would dare claim as such! I look forward only to the next battle, and the next chance to prove myself. I shall return to Karak Azgaraz and show them all! I shall make a name for myself that will echo through the halls of Karak Azgaraz, proclaiming to all of my brethren that I am a worthy addition to the hallowed tradition of Ironbreakers! Not that it’s any of your business.


I already mentioned this in our character creation meeting, so it isn’t a shock or anything. Basically, Tarth is a female dwarf who wants nothing more than to be an Ironbreaker. However, females are not allowed to become Ironbreakers. She hasn’t been thrown out of Karak Azgaraz — it was her own idea to leave and prove herself, but aside from her parents, no one really laments her disappearance: she made everyone uncomfortable.

She has a vested interest in keeping her gender a secret, as she truly is trying to create a new name for herself, a name that will indeed echo across the Reikland, and all the way into Karak Azgaraz, telling all of the feats of daring, the skill and the fearless strength of Tarth Steelheart. Then she plans on revealing herself as a female, and returning home to Karak Azgaraz to collect the apologies of all who doubted her, and to resume her rightful place as an Ironbreaker. However, she hasn’t really thought it out too well. I wouldn’t be surprised if her secret comes out sooner than she plans, and most likely in a manner not of her choosing. That’s the risk you take when you have a secret like this, I suppose.

She has a strong sense of duty, and of right and wrong. She is fearless in battle, and like most other dwarfs, is contrary and taciturn. Being an Ironbreaker is a huge honor, and while she already knows she is one in her heart, she wants to be acknowledged as such by her people. This is her quest.

Tarth Steelheart

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