Rolf Messer



The barber-surgeon has a bushy moustache and muttonchops, a hearty laugh, and a bloody apron. His shop, off Sumpfstrasse, is marked with a red and white pole. He trims beards and hair at the front of his salon, while at the back he pulls teeth, lances boils, or, in the direst circumstances, amputates limbs.


Rolf charges 1 brass for his services as a barber, and 5-10 brass for surgeon work, depending on the nature. Mainly menfolk visit him. Women prefer the more sympathetic Hildette Krass, whereas the rich see Dr. Schneider. When he has a patient, Rolf sometimes employs Reinhard the Rooster to caterwaul outside his shop and drown out the screams.

Rolf Messer

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