Jerath Adler Jr.

A skilled barber and a keen surgeon, Jerath continues to explore the boundaries between life and death.


Jerath Adler Jr. is a tall man, 28 years of age, slim, though certainly not muscular. His age is betrayed by the color of his naturally grey hair, and his deep blue eyes have seen much for a man of 28. He has long fingers befitting a musician, almost always covered in black gloves. He’s usually expressionless, his tight pale skin a shade warmer than the moon itself. Though he may seem a tad intimidating, his bedside manor is second to none as his care for his patients is always his number one priority. He sports no scars and shaves on a regular basis, even in the coldest of climates. He speaks in low tones, generally only saying things once, finding a morbid fascination in the world and the way it works.


In the city of Wolfenburg, capital of the Grand Principality of Ostland, Jerath was born along with his twin brother, Kraider, who sadly did not live through his first night. Jerath’s mother, Kristina, was inconsolable, and fell ill for many weeks. Jerath’s father was forced to look after his boy during this time, and did the best he could with help from his brother, Verin, and his wife, Josephine. Kristina finally emerged from her state, but was never the same, according to his father. She was colder, unfeeling towards the world. For this reason, it feel upon Jerath to raise their son.

Jerath Jr learned the ways of his father, the barber surgeon, while attending school for both religious and educational studies. His religious teachings gave new light to his father’s profession – the ability to helps others live or die. But day after day, he saw less and less of God’s mercy in his father’s skill, and grew to believe that if man is to survive, it is up to him to strive and do so. And thus, he helped all in need, never turning anyone away who needed healing. He saw it as his obligation to help others where God could not.

He researched new ways to help outside traditional medicine, hoping to maybe also cure whatever ailed his mother. Years passed, and she only got worse, finally moved to an asylum where she could be watched over at all hours. It was a crushing decision for Jerath’s father, but there were no other options.

As Jerath grew older, he began to assist both his father and his Uncle (a local undertaker) more actively in their respective trades. Death became as commonplace as the falling of the leaves at the end of the summer season. After a while, life and death simply became the two halves of the state of being. The line between them was drawn taught, but to know death would be to know life. Again, if God would not keep people alive, then it would be up to the people to keep themselves alive.

And thus began Jerath’s journey into the Empire. Equipped with the tools befitting a skilled barber and a keen surgeon, Jerath set out in search of ways to control both life and death, while never turning away someone in need. He saw very little active battle during his time away from home, but came across many of the scars left to the landscape from wars long since over. In these areas, he could feel the dead pulling him down, but he would forge on, these encounters only strengthening his resolve.

During his journeys, Jerath has been known to tamper with narcotics to receive visions about how he may communicate with the dead or help reach the criminally insane or re-attach lost limbs. He’s even been known to operate on animals if he felt it might help grow his knowledge of the connection between life and death. And though he may not be a religious man, he is certainly not a criminal or amoral. However, he does feel sacrifices must be made if man is going to learn enough to keep death at bay.

During his second year of journeying, word came to Jerath that his mother had died in the asylum. He returned home immediately to find that his Uncle had worked his best to preserve her for Jerath after his father insisted that his son attend the burial. When Jerath finally gazed upon her, she looked nothing like his mother. Her skin was falsified with red rouge and peach highlights, her hair was plastered down with oils and smelled of imitation fragrances. Jerath took one look, and swore he would never stop his quest, for all that was left of his mother was her corpse.

Jerath Adler Jr.

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