The Storm Rages...


After the bodies are all down, we exit the crypt, with Grabbe alive but weak. Waltrout holds him up carefully as they walk. All the bones in the Ossuary are jumbled together with the crows picking at them. It is a sacrilege, and I believe all of us feel so. Grabbe and Waltrout moan in pain at the sight. The Lightning Stone lies in the yard as well.

Adler offers to attend to Grabbe’s wounds, but he wants to heal in his own way. Instead, he asks Adler to make sure that the bodies are all reburied, and the ground sanctified anew, as all has been corrupted by the black magic that Grabbe condemns. Adler, it would seem, is now of Morr, and the one to ensure this is done.

Adler heals Elinor and Oppenheimer some of their wounds before we borrow a cart to carry the Lightning Stone back to the city. The storm howls ever louder as we walk, Adler and I pulling the cart. The thunder cracks deafen Oppenheimer and Elinor. All of us squint in the driving rain, and move slowly, until with Elinor’s keen eyes, the way is pointed out more clearly.

Once back in town, we find Kessler awaiting us. At first, I notice not the dwarf at his side, until it becomes clear that this is a friend of my companions; his name is Fergil. I don’t speak to him, as I know nothing of him as of yet; I assume he is a good man, but I will wait until I learn more of him.

Kessler tells us to dispose of the stone and then go and see the Burgermeister. We take it to Schulmann, Oppenheimer’s wizard friend, and the others relate our adventures to Fergil as we go.

Schulmann seems excited about the stone, and speaks much of the worsening storms. He says the stones have been causing him to have visions; he wants us to collect the rest of them. His visions are of a green fiend atop a throne, with a crown. Schulmann thinks the throne and the crown mean two more stones for us to gather. Where I come from, visions are much revered and heeded, so I know that this must be the case. Fergil wonders if the fiend being green means he’s a goblin. I know only that the storm rages, and the stones must be gathered.

We fill our bellies at the Inn before seeing the Burgermeister; it has been a long few days and I for one am achingly hungry.

When we see the Burgermeister, he looks far away more refreshed than the last time, cleaned up and all. It’s a shame Adler has to tell him of how his lady friend’s body was used by the necromancer to raise all the dead. We assure him her body will be laid to rest once more. The Burgermeister seems to take it well — he hands out an extra 25 silver for us all for the work we’ve done. He tells Kessler to arrange a meeting with some of the big men in town, and offers us some workers to help rebury the bodies.

We depart, and each go our own ways with an agreement to meet up later.

I go to the herb woman, Hildett, for a healing draught that heals some of my wounds up right. Then, I head to the armorer where I buy a suit of brigandine with my share of the silver. After, I go to the Inn to rest.

In the night, my bad tooth persists, but it thankfully heals during my second night of rest.

Over the next few days, I help in the burying of the bodies, a grisly task that needs be done. Fergil with his dwarf strength, and I as well are fine in the rain, but the others get a bit sick as we finish up the job.

The storm seems more and more intense, and even worse, the granary is destroyed, and the townspeople begin to riot in fear and hunger. We try to help keep the peace in town. Kessler summons us to the Burgermeister once more.

When we get to his office, a country farmer sits with him. He calls himself Gubo Ackerland, from south of Stormdorf. He tells of being robbed of livestock in the night, along with the all the other farmers near him. With the grain shortages, this does not bode well. Our help is wanted in catching the thieves.

Oppenheimer, perhaps with talk of goblins fresh in his mind, tells us of the sneakiness of Night Goblins. Fergil also mentioned that when he was in the south, he had bloody dealings with goblins as well.

The Burgermeister tells us we will each be paid 50 silver for our work! Adler asks us if we will each give up 5 silver of our money to hire Franz Bieber, a tracker in the country, who may be able to find a goblin lair if it should exist.

The only other hint the farmer gives us is that there is a bad, rotting vegetable smell in the air around midnight each night of the robberies.

We head south, with Franz Bieber and a Spaniard named Roderigo who smells of old ale and stays close on Elinor’s heels. On the way to the Ackerland farm, we pass a place where Bieber says the lightning crashes more than usual: Tempest Knap. The people all stay away from it. It is two hours north of the farm, and we keep moving.

Once we get to the Ackerland farm, we see cattle in the fields. In the kitchen, we meet Meg, Gubo’s wife, a passel of children and a shivering sheepdog. We begin to eat supper, and mid-meal Bieber rises and goes outside to look around. Oppenheimer follows. After a bit of time passes, we hear a huge crash of thunder, enough to shake our resolves.

Bieber and Oppenheimer come in — Oppenheimer was struck by the lightning! Adler wraps some of his burns, and he and Bieber head back outside once more. Fergil leaves to look around the cow shed. He finds a strange looking vegetable pod. The smell of it almost causes Bieber to swoon. It is mighty strange, and we wonder if it isn’t a stink bomb thrown by the goblins to make all the people sleep while they’re robbed. Elinor fashions cloths for us all to wear about our mouths and noses so as not to breathe in the air from the pods, as we think we should see more of these pods.

We make a plan to catch the goblins this night, now that we know their secret. Fergil will go to the watchtower, as he can see well in the night, and may be able to catch the goblins out before they know we’re there. He will tell Oppenheimer, who waits below. Once Oppenheimer gets word, he will set off a light of some kind, which Adler, Elinor and I may see from the barn, where we watch with the door agar. Now, we wait…



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